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‘The Union of Emptiness and Compassion'


22 Temmuz - 26 Temmuz  5 gün hafta içi 1.Program


27 Temmuz - 28 Temmuz 2 gün yoğunlaştırılmış hafta sonu 2.Program


29 Temmuz - 2 Ağustos 5 gün hafta içi 3. Program

Instructed by Martin Kerrigan

Martin's Message

The Union of Wisdom and Compassion – The Jewel in the Lotus

The Buddhist path is often divided into two aspects, method and wisdom. These are often likened to the two wings of a bird which, when practiced indivisibly, can lead us gradually towards enlightenment.

‘Method’ includes many things but particularly important is compassion, which is best exemplified with the precious mind of ‘Bodhicitta’. This is the altruistic intention which, based on great compassion, aspires to achieve enlightenment so we can be of maximum benefit to all sentient beings. The great 8th century Indian poet and sage


Shantideva says of Bodhicitta: -

“It is the great sun that finally removes

The misty ignorance of the world.

It is the quintessential butter

From the churning of the milk of Dharma.” 

(A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life)

The ‘Wisdom’ side includes all the teachings on emptiness/selflessness. These lead us to an understanding, and eventually a direct, experiential realisation of the selfless and interdependent nature of reality. This is the key to overcoming the problems and difficulties, which we all experience in our daily lives. It also enables us to practice all the other aspects of the path, such as ethics and compassion, more purely and selflessly.


Shantideva says of wisdom: -

“All of these practices were taught

By the mighty one for the sake of wisdom.

Therefore, those who wish to pacify suffering

Should generate this wisdom.”

(A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life)


During this retreat, through a combination of presentation, meditation and discussion, we will be exploring ways of developing wisdom and compassion and how these two aspects of the path help to support and affirm each other. We will look at how this can help us in the here and now to reduce daily problems and difficulties, and to make our lives more meaningful. We will also see how this can help us gradually to progress towards ultimate liberation and enlightenment.

Interestingly, one level of meaning for the well-known Buddhist mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ is that by practicing compassion and wisdom together indivisibly we can transform ourselves into enlightened beings and be of benefit to everyone.

“We must conjoin our intelligence to a warm, open heart. We must bring to our rationality a sense of compassion, of caring for one another, of sharing. These mental qualities transform our intelligence into a powerful positive force.”

(His Holiness the Dalai Lama)


We will also be exploring this within the context of the lam-rim, or graduated path to enlightenment, and will include core subjects such as The Four Noble Truths (the first teaching given by the Buddha), Appreciating Our Precious Human Life, Refuge, Karma, Bodhicitta, Emptiness, and a brief introduction to Vajrayana (Tantra).

We will also look at Buddhist Psychology and practices of Thought Transformation (Lojong). These can help us to use daily problems and difficulties, which we all experience, in a positive way to further develop wisdom and compassion.

Who is Martin Kerrigan?

“I have been studying and practicing since 1994, mostly under the guidance of Geshe Tashi Tsering at Jamyang London. I was also fortunate to spend some time with Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche, a wonderfully inspiring teacher and practitioner, working at his monastery in Dharamsala, India.


I completed Foundation of Buddhist Thought with Geshe Tashi, which I also tutored on the correspondence course for 10 years. I have also completed the Discovering Buddhism programme and I am registered to teach both Foundation of Buddhist Thought and Discovering Buddhism.

I have been teaching for the FPMT in the UK for some years, particularly at Jamyang Bath, Land of Joy Retreat Centre and Saraswati Buddhist Study Group. I teach both Discovering Buddhism and Foundation of Buddhist Thought, and a range of meditation classes, both Buddhist and secular, and retreats.

I have found my association with FPMT to be extremely beneficial to my practice. I always feel that, despite all the current problems in the world, we are so fortunate to have access to such incredibly precious teachings and teachers, including Lama Zopa Rinpoche and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


One of the things I love so much about the Dharma is that whatever we are going through in our daily lives, whether things appear to be going well or not, we always have the opportunity to use the experience productively, to help us to develop wisdom and compassion and make our lives meaningful.


I look forward very much to meeting everyone at Bosluk Meditation Centre.”

Martin Kerrigan










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