24-28 June / Guided Tibetan Void Meditation with Tenzin Gendun and Nirmanakaya Retreat

Special Theme: "Rebirth with Self Thought and Separation Illusion"

 An introductory level view into Tibetan Awakening

We are meeting at this Dharma gathering for  meditating, awareness of emptiness, bodily refinement, and to quit separation illusion.

Our program lasts for 5 days with max. of 25 participants.

Guided meditations and Dharma Talks will be simultaneously translated between Turkish and English.



Daily Schedule

Morning Meditation (Guided)
Dharma Talks (morning session)
Dharma Talks (afternoon session)
Nature walk(optional)
Evening Meditation (guided)
Retreat (inziva)


Tenzin Gendun, who will be visiting from France, will guide Dharma Talks and Meditation sessions..



Who is Tenzin Gendun?


Tenzin Gendun was born in Srilanka in 1966. He was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism in 1991 in Thushita - Dharamsala (India) and later was educated at Kopan Institute in Nepal. He worked as assistant in FPMT centers in New Zealand until 1998. Since then, he has been both working in Nalanda Institute in France and continuing his education at an advanced level.

For those, who will not be able to participate in the event, there is a possibility of online private session (via skype or whats app) the week before the event, 17-22 June. Please make reservation at least a day before your preferred schedule.



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Tibetan Buddhism suggests direct realization of emptiness could be fulfilled only through a fully restored mindfulness and bodily and mindful purification.
An exaggerated sense of separation between self and other is at the root of all the problems and difficulties that we experience in daily life. Realising emptiness is the key to overcoming this, and bringing our thoughts, feelings and actions more in line with the actual interdependent nature of reality.
We are implementing emptiness meditation to abandon our daily routine briefly and return to it as treated and aware with techniques peculiar to Tibetan Buddhism. If you feel a certain dissatisfaction with your life or the  current condition of your mind, or you are only curious of what Tibetan Void Meditation is, you are welcome to join us this Summer at this special occasion.


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Location of the Event:

"The Land"



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Registration fee:

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Registration fee includes only participating in the event. 

You can find below accommodation fees including meals.

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The Land daily (per person) fees:
3 persons in a bungalov - 27 Euro (180 tl)
2 persons in a bungalov - 33 Euro (220 tl)
1 person in a bungalov - 38 Euro (260 tl)
In a tent - 23 Euro (155 tl)
In your own tent - 19 Euro (125 tl)
6-12 age child: 10 Euro (70 tl)

p.s. Euro currency conversion rates may change. Above rates are taken at the date of 29 May 2019.

1 Euro = 6.5 TL

Payments are charged in TL and are fixed to above prices in TL.

Fees include 3 meals a day except the lunch on the arrival day and dinner on the departure day. Additional meals are 40 tl per se. Above mentioned fees are paid to "the Land" via eft or in cash.


Rooms contain shower and wc.

Tents include mattress and blankets


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All meals are vegetarian and included in accommodation fees with the exception stated under accommodation title..


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Airport Transfer

Transfer to the Land from Antalya Airport

one way fees listed by the transfer company.

1-4 persons 150 TL (the fee is for the bus, and is divided to number of persons to calculate per person fees)

 5-9 persons 300 TL / 10-12 persons 450 TL

We recommend you to prefer arrival date morning flights for arrival (24 June) and evening flights for departure date (28 June) for convenience and lower transfer fees from the airport.

Please contact us for making a reservation for airport transfer.

Program will start Monday afternoon, after the participants arrive at the center and settle in.

Invitation to Dharma


Come and join us in this Dharma Gathering to experience and use your potential for awareness.


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